Artificial Flowers

Spring Flower Arrangement


  • Handmade, wool blend, felt flowers
  • 4 x 4 inches
  • Order online and know what you see is what will be delivered
  • Custom colors available
  • Free shipping on all orders

Customize the Colors

Please provide specific details on what flowers/greenery you would like customized and the corresponding color name. Color names can be found on our CUSTOM COLOR page.

Optional Gift Message

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Product Description

Confidently order flowers online with these handmade wool blend felt flowers. Measuring approximately 4 by 4 inches square, this bright and unique flower arrangement will last forever and requires no maintenance.

If the colors shown don’t match your style, we can easily customize the colors of any flower. Find the custom color name(s) and provide a detailed explanation of the flower(s)/greenery you would customized and the corresponding color name above.

Shipping is always free so order today.


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